Hi, my name is Dane Larsen. I'm a recently-graduated professional software developer. I have two degrees in Computer Science from CU Boulder. I completed my Bachelor's in 2013, and my Master's in 2015. I've been seriously programming for since about 2007, with brief experimentation before that when my Dad helped me build a ZX81 from a kit. I'm currently working for Google in Payments Regulatory Compliance.

I'm comfortable with Python, C, C++, Qt4, OpenGL, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu mostly, but also RHEL and CentOS), Vim, Git, networking, web (front and back), embedded and more. I know how to solder and do basic electronics work, although both of those come with the disclaimer that I'm self taught and probably have major gaps in my knowledge.

I'm currently interested in machine learning, woodworking, blacksmithing and electronics. I don't have nearly enough time for all of them...

You can contact me at dane.t.larsen@gmail.com